DMEPOS Accreditation for Pharmacies

As entrepreneurs, your time is extremely valuable. Pursuing DMEPOS Accreditation or Reaccreditation and implementing or maintaining HIPAA compliance is time consuming, tedious and complex. We significantly reduce the amount of time and effort that you spend working on these activities.We are a professional consulting firm that focuses on assisting Pharmacies and other Health Care Suppliers obtain CMS DMEPOS Accreditation, Reaccreditation, Revalidation or Exemption.

DMEPOS Accreditation occurs every three years, but the time in between to maintain compliance is just as important as the accreditation process itself. Thus, we offer an annual compliance program which helps you stay in compliance during this critical period. It helps make reaccreditation a smoother process.

If you are exempt from Accreditation or just needing HIPAA compliance, we offer a HIPAA – HITECH compliance manual and all necessary forms.

How does Accreditation add value?

DMEPOS Accreditation forces Pharmacies and Healthcare Suppliers to:

  • focus on compliance, especially with government regulations
  • create an environment of quality of care
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • streamline operations creating efficiency
  • enhance employee morale
  • implement best business practices